Alyssa Soebandono

Senin, 04 Mei 2009

Alyssa Soebandono or usually called Icha (born in Jakarta, 25 December 1991, age 16 years) is a nation of Indonesia.


Alyssa, among other endeavors Star headline, kind unbelievably, flowers along the roads, Almighty Love, Almighty Love, bAbY dOLL, hum puberty 3, the son of Adam, surreptitious Brief Search Attention, Do not Go from me, Gate Hidayah, reminds teens, Shadow Adinda , Iparku sister is 17 and she Year. Some of the big screen movie that is never dibintanginya Janus He's practical and Last Love It kind. And provides Ad XON-CE, Sunsilk, Pewangi SO Klin, Antimo, Calpico, Milk And Mcd Flag, and "Marcks."


* "Setetes Dew" (2002)
* "Shadow Adinda" (2003)
* "Unfortunately during" (2002)
* "It's kind" (2003)
* "Hum puberty" (2003)
* "Surreptitious Brief Search Caution" (2004)
* "Arung"
* "Do not Go from me" (2004)
* "There Is DENGANMU" (2004)
* "Submit a toddler" (2005)
* "Flowers along the roads" (2005)
* "Son of Adam" (2005)
* "Stars" (2006)
* "Most Love 1" (2005)
* "Most Love 2" (2005)
* "Most of Love" (2007)
* "Door Hidayah" (2005)
* "Reminds Youth" (2006)
* "She" (2007)
* "Coco Iparku 17 Years" (2007)
* "Abu Meh and Laura" (2008)
* "BAbY dOLL" (2007)

Angel Karamoy Profile

Angelina Karamoy, known as the Angel Karamoy (born in Liverpool, 16 January 1987, the age of 21 years, usually called Angel) is a nation of Indonesia. Angel and the Christian religion is a player in the world on women in Indonesia. Angel is Yadika alumni from the SMU 5.


He was her patron Bidadari 3, Saras, in the eyes of 2, For Love, In the Heart of Pucuk, There Is With Rainbow, ABC & D, leaves dry leaves, Let Love Talk, foster child, Kala Cinta vamp, Kurindu Jiwaku, yet the World Calamity , Celeb I'm In Love, Almighty Love, Miracles and Real is.

From the patron-patron, the patron Bidadari 3 to make known the names public. Patron in the Bidadari 3, he replaced the position Marshanda as Joy. He also melejit in the ad Ovale, Homyped, Sido Rise, Hansaplast, Clear, Fres & Natural and candy-Hot Hot Pop. Angel and the bloody Kwangju had also launched a spiritual album titled "Miracles are Real."